Uniform can be obtained from one of the following suppliers:

Haselbury School uniform can be purchased from two providers, either Jazziez – a local internet based ordering service or from My Clothing Limited, the UK’s largest provider of school wear. Both provide an embroidery service to display the school name and logo if you so wish and are very efficient with their services.   The links to these can be found below:-


Schoolwear and More – Available both online or in store 10 Wine Street, Yeovil BA20 1PW

My Clothing

The children wear black shoes with socks or tights. In the summer, girls may wear green check dresses. We do ask that all uniform is clearly labelled so that we can return any lost items to the correct owner!

School Uniform Policy


We ask that children wear a forest green T shirt, which can be embroidered in white (as above), with black shorts. As the children go outside whenever the weather allows in the school year, they may wear jogging trousers if it is cold. Our younger children wear black daps with Velcro fastening or elastic. As they get older, children like to wear trainers, which is quite acceptable.


We take the children swimming in the Spring term. They wear a one piece swimming costume, with or without a hat. Boys should wear swimming shorts, not beach shorts as these trap air inside and make swimming difficult. Children may wear googles if they do so when they swim with you. Otherwise they are not necessary and only distract from swimming as they go on and off.

If you have any questions about our uniform, please do speak to your child’s class teacher.