Parents/carers are required to provide their children with at least one set of spare clothes daily, which should be clearly named.  In the winter months a named coat will be required as well as named wellington boots.  Throughout the summer children must bring a named sun hat.  Please apply sun cream before the start of any session, staff will then re-apply cream as and when it is needed.  Could you please ensure that your child arrives at each session with the appropriate clothing for outside play all year round.


Registration forms require you to declare all existing medical conditions and allergies. Please let the Supervisor know about any medication (temporary or permanent) your child is taking.  Please refer to our Supporting Medical Needs Policy for more details about how we can support your child and their medical needs including administering medicines on your behalf.

Please telephone us to let us know if your child is ill and when you expect them to return to Pre-School.

If your child has been sick or had an upset tummy then 48 hours must have passed since the last bout of illness or sickness before your child can return to pre-school.  In severe cases of sickness this period of time may be extended, according to government guidelines.


If there is a change to usual collection arrangements for your child, we ask you to fill out the yellow form to give permission for the change. Supplies of these forms are available in the school office and in the reception area of the Pre-School.

Dropping off and collection procedures are in place to ensure all children, including pre-schoolers, are safe during sessions. Please ensure you read these procedures, found on the school website and in the main school office, and follow them accordingly.

We hold regular Fire Drills so the children and staff are fully aware of the correct actions to take in the unlikely event of a fire.

For health and safety reasons no sweets, chewing gum, coins or very small toys should be brought into Pre-School.

All members of staff and volunteers are checked before we employ them so that no unauthorised person may have access to the children. All visitors are required to provide suitable identification and sign in and out of the visitor book, found in the main school office.

Policies and procedures are in place to ensure the safeguarding of all children at Haselbury Plucknett Pre-School. Many of our policies and procedures cover safeguarding issues, such as our ‘Missing Child Policy’, ‘Non-Collection of Children Policy’ as well as our ‘Online Safety Policy’. Please read all these policies very carefully.