Listed below are some of the school’s key information and statutory documents. If you have any questions or wish to discuss any of the information further please contact the school.


Description:Date modified:
Federation Privacy Notice for Governors

July 2021
Federation Privacy Notice for Workforce

July 2022
Federation Pupil-friendly Privacy Notice for Pupils and Parents

July 2022
Haselbury First School Sports Premium StatementDecember 2021
Haselbury Plucknett SIAMS Report20 January 2016
Pupil Premium strategy statement
Haselbury Federation Microsoft Teams Code Of Conduct

January 2021
PE GrantDecember 2021
Coronavirus Appendix to Behavior Policy

March 2021
Coronavirus Appendix to Behavior Policy

March 2021
British Values Statement
April 2021
COVID-19 Break Out Management Plan

Sept 2021
Federation Pupil-friendly Privacy Notice for-Recruitment

July 2021


Anti Bullying PolicyMarch 2020
Data Protection PolicyJanuary 2022
Equality Information and Objectives PolicyApril 2020
Federation Charging and Remissions PolicyMay 2022
Marking and Feedback PolicyJuly 2021
Federation Online Safety PolicyMarch 2022
Uniform PolicySeptember 2021
Haselbury Collective Worship PolicyJanuary 2022
Complaints PolicyNovember 2021
Religious Education PolicyMay 2022
Safeguarding & Child Protection PolicySeptember 2021
Social Media PolicyNovember 2020
SEND PolicyMarch 2022
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions PolicyMarch 2022
Behaviour Policy

March 2022
Online Safety

December 2020
Relationships and Sex Education Policy

June 2021
Code of Conduct

September 2021
Health and Safety Policy

September 2021
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Policy

November 2021
Early Career Teacher Induction Policy

November 2021

November 2021
Behaviour Mangement Policy

December 2021
Accessibilty PlanMarch 2021
Food Policy

January 2022
Teacher Appraisal

January 2022