We are really proud of the way our school works with other schools within the Crewkerne and Ilminster Schools Partnership to enable all children in the area to flourish and ensure the best possible education for children from 4-18.

There are regular meetings between subject leaders and headteachers across all schools which focus on sharing and creating resources and working on strategies to strengthen learning outcomes for all our children. For example, recently the schools worked together with children across the area to produce materials to improve children’s understanding of how to keep safe when working online. The CISP has a clear progression plan each year to work towards strengthening learning outcomes in all our schools.

We work closely together to make sure there is continuity of learning for each child.

We have good systems in place so that effective communication takes place when your child moves to the Upper School.

Teachers and school leaders are committed to working together to learn from each other and share good practice.

We share our expertise and facilities to help broaden the opportunities and experiences open to each child.

We share opportunities for teacher training which individual schools may not be able to organise alone.


To find out more about the work of the Partnership, please contact Rob Treacher, Partnership Coordinator via the school office.