We are very proud of our partnership of eight first schools, two primary schools, two middle schools and an upper school.

Our children begin their educational lives at the age of four, when they join one of a diverse range of primary and first schools; from the small village school, such as Hinton St. George or Haselbury Plucknett, to the bigger schools that serve the towns, such as Greenfylde or St Bartholomew’s. At the age of nine, they then move to one of two middle schools; Maiden Beech Academy in Crewkerne, or Swanmead in Ilminster. Finally, at the age of thirteen, the children attend Wadham, the upper school in Crewkerne.

We work closely together to make sure there is continuity of learning for each child.

We have good systems in place so that effective communication takes place when your child moves to the Middle School or Upper School

Teachers and school leaders are committed to working together to learn from each other and share good practice

We share our expertise and facilities to help broaden the opportunities and experiences open to each child.

We share opportunities for teacher training which individual schools may not be able to organise alone

Knowing children from pre-school to when they go to university helps us provide the best for each child.

The Crewkerne and Ilminster partnership of schools is a 3 tiered system of First, Middle and Upper Schools.


To find out more about the work of the Partnership, please contact Rob Treacher, Partnership Coordinator via the details below:

Telephone: 07740 287531

Email: ​